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 Integrity, transparency, credibility and commitment We are looking for commitment, fairness, fairness, honesty, honesty, sincerity and transparency to achieve goals . Association - Dealing with community charities Strengthen joint efforts through . Al Nuaim area, sister charities, civil and official organizations - Excellence . Providing excellent services by providing feedback - Accountability . Carry out net liability - continuous improvement We seek down to elevate our few by keeping up with all the new - creativity Encourage the story of innovation that leads us to excellence.


Build a self-sustaining and socially interdependent generation.

Our Mission

Enabling the individual to be active in society.


About the Association The Noaim Charity Society is concerned with philanthropy and regards it as an essential source of development for the individual and society. It seeks to meet its urgent and continuous needs by adopting development projects, relief and social solidarity projects, and regular and continuous rations projects for the poor and the needy and raising the cultural and educational level of the family for development. Sustainable development for all with the support of individuals and community institutions.