About the Association
The Noaim Charity Society is concerned with philanthropy and regards it as an essential source of development for the individual and society. It seeks to meet its urgent and continuous needs by adopting development projects, relief and social solidarity projects, and regular and continuous rations projects for the poor and the needy and raising the cultural and educational level of the family for development. Sustainable development for all with the support of individuals and community institutions.

Latest News

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The Minister of Labor and Social Development, Jamil bin Muhammad Ali Humaidan, was briefed on the most prominent...

Osama bin Ahmed Khalaf Al-Asfour, Minister of Social Development, received Hamid Youssef Rahma, Chairman of the Board...

As part of the efforts exerted to support and support the orphan and his family in our society, the Al-Kawthar...

Our Service

The Association works to achieve the following objectives:
- Helping the poor and the needy and caring for them and turning them into productive families
- Developing the administrative level of the institutions of the region.
- Contribute and help in the reconstruction and construction of homes for families in need
- Caring for the gifted and talented people from needy families and society
- Contribute to health awareness in the region and help patients
- Monitoring and treatment of behavioral deviation phenomena
- Guarantee orphans and widows
- Support for productive families
- Support the next youth to marry
- Encouraging volunteerism in the region
- Sponsorship of charitable work and the development of generosity in the hearts of emerging
- Strengthening the bonds of social relations
- Disclosing the spirit of solidarity and communication between individuals and institutions of society.
- Participating and contributing to various good deeds.
- Follow-up of the maintenance of places of worship cemetery