Our Service

The Association works to achieve the following objectives:
- Helping the poor and the needy and caring for them and turning them into productive families
- Developing the administrative level of the institutions of the region.
- Contribute and help in the reconstruction and construction of homes for families in need
- Caring for the gifted and talented people from needy families and society
- Contribute to health awareness in the region and help patients
- Monitoring and treatment of behavioral deviation phenomena
- Guarantee orphans and widows
- Support for productive families
- Support the next youth to marry
- Encouraging volunteerism in the region
- Sponsorship of charitable work and the development of generosity in the hearts of emerging
- Strengthening the bonds of social relations
- Disclosing the spirit of solidarity and communication between individuals and institutions of society.
- Participating and contributing to various good deeds.
- Follow-up of the maintenance of places of worship cemetery